Tea Towel - 4 Alpacas

Tea Towel - 4 Alpacas

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100% Cotton - Designed in Australia

Tea Towel Features 4 Alpacas 

Dimensions 74 cm high x 47 cm wide

Since evolution, the emergence from the cave, the desire to keep our cooking utensils dry, and clean has been a requirement.

True to its name, the tea towel is in its element as an ingredient in the great tradition of tea with scones.

Recent research has discovered that the great Vincent Van Gough often when he ran out of cash for canvas painted on the tea towel

Perhaps not all of us have the ability nor inclination to paint – but can be creative with the Tea Towel

Other wilder uses – perhaps limited only by your imagination – a shepherd's head dress in your child's Nativity play?  Tied in each corner – a hat from the heat/sun?  Sew it up to make a alpaca bag to carry your treasures? Or the most challenging of games – the tea towel dual?

But of course there is always the reason for which they are intended – a kitchen accessory to dry your dishes